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The positive testimonies are pouring in!

I am thrilled to report that testimonies for Tachyon Chamber for Healing and Anti-aging sessions are pouring in and are positive beyond my wildest dreams. Every participant has experienced deep relaxation, some even fall asleep. Most stay awake and remain pleasantly aware of sensations such as pain-free comfort, floating, tingling, and healing. “Like being hugged from the Universe….” “Exquisitely profound…” “I loved it and I can’t wait to come back!”

Jack Banks, the owner of the Malibu Fitness Gym wrote, “My Tachyon Chamber session was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. My feeling of total relaxation and bliss was the most uninterrupted and profoundly healing experience I could have ever imagined. Upon first entering the beautiful space, I knew something imminently special was about to take place. Every detail in the room is devoted to total comfort as well as the health of mind and body. Truly amazing, and inspiring!”

Bradford Tilden owner of Crystal Music Healing and Universal White Time Healing Practitioner and Teacher wrote, “I have been enjoying the benefits of Tachyons since Celeste introduced me to them several years ago. But when I sit in the Generation 3 Chamber and experience its energy it is at a whole new level. Waves of higher vibrations roll through what feels like every cell in my body, physical pain is greatly reduced, and I feel energized and rejuvenated on all levels. This is one of the strongest and purist new healing technologies I’ve encountered. I recommend it to anyone interested in deep significant therapeutic and energetic change. I look forward to each session like a spa day for my soul.”

“When I went to see Celeste for the Tachyon chamber therapy session I was 1.5 weeks out after major breast surgery. I did not know what to expect but I’ve worked with Celeste for many years and I trust what she does with high regard. She has great integrity and has the ability to work in a very grounded structured way that is compassionate and yet she utilizes the highest energies and vibrational therapies. I felt comfortable from start to finish she explained everything very matter of fact. The chamber itself is beautiful beyond words. It utilizes crystals, sacred geometry, and color therapy which is a favorite therapy of mine because the vibration of color helps to balance many aspects very subtly in the body, mind, and spirit. There was a very short meditation that encouraged me to set my own intention and then instrumental music was played softly as I relaxed. At the end of the session, I was nudged to return fully into the space and feel grounded again. I always felt fully grounded and fully in control but at the same time, I felt the presence of these higher energies at work although I cannot tell you how. I believe that Tachyon Therapy helped me greatly increase my healing ability as well as increased my energy after surgery. I am returning to work tomorrow and I believe that this healing session greatly prepared me to return back to work quicker than expected. I hope that you also will try this therapy. You will not be disappointed.” Audrey Bennett, LCSW, Integrative Therapist

Visit the carousel on the Home Page for more testimonials, or in paragraph form, visit the Press Kit page.

As for me, the addition of this Cosmos Professional (originally called the Generation III) Tachyon Chamber is continuing to enhance my life in ways that I barely dared dream of. In my painful and confusing childhood and mid-teens, I began turning to metaphysical wisdom for answers and comfort. To get a quick summary of my spiritual journey (Click here). Over the years, I developed what Gurdjieff called the magnetic center, a deep powerful pulling, or a calling toward what will serve us – what will further our evolution – individually or collectively. After 50 years of studies and developing myself I still only barely dreamed of personally experiencing in this lifetime, the Homoluminous shift that I write about in my Celestial Psychology books regarding conscious evolution. Yet, now, with the addition of the Cosmos Professional Tachyon Chamber for Healing and Anti-aging, I am starting to see results that even at 70 years young I can enthusiastically dare to align with Gandhi’s famous edict- Be the Change. I have never been more excited about my own future and the future of Homo sapiens.

Everything I am learning about Tachyon Energy, the Quantum Worldview, healing, evolution, and Divine connectivity is coming to a personal crescendo for me, and is being validated everywhere and lately by Ervin Laszlo’s newest 2020 book, “Reconnecting to the Source.” Laszlo calls the magnetic center, the Holotropic Attractor. It is a “subtle but fundamental drive or “lure.” The drive to reconnect to the Source varies among people and can range from an experience of being one with our significant other and family to an experience of being one with nature and the universe. The intensity of these experiences also varies from person to person. Psychologists and parapsychologists call intense mystical feelings of oneness anomalous experiences and are starting to validate them as natural (as opposed to pathological) and essential to our survival as a species. Quantum Physics is revealing what the ancient Vedic Sciences taught—that all matter has consciousness—and importantly that the movement of all particles is toward wholeness or oneness. As the scientific paradigm shifts from the material to the spiritual, we are accepting that evolution is driven by movement toward greater coherence and complexity, or better said by my favorite affirmation, “better and better!” I have been repeating and teaching the affirmation “every day in every way I am getting better and better” since I began my metaphysical studies over 50 years ago. I am happy to report the phrase has taken on new life and meaning for me since I began working with Tachyon Living products. “Better and better” is not just a simple platitude- it is the very driver of evolution! It is Gurdjieff’s magnetic center, Laszlo’s Holotropic Attractor, Barbara Marx Hubbard’s evolutionary impulse, it is undoubtedly the crux of all evolutionary movement.

Quantum Physicists have proven over and over in numerous experiments that the Self Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) created from Tachyon particles follows the arrow of the evolutionary trajectory and can only make things better. Time-lapse photography of two bunches of grapes split off the same vine validates the reversal or slowing down of entropy. Vegetables last longer when there’s a tachyon plate in the refrigerator bin. I am convinced that the next three decades will be the best of my life.

I hope you will join me and the founders of Tachyon Living- the creators of these wonderful products – in our mission to flood the earth with Tachyon! It can only get “better & better” from now on!

Update: September 19, 2021- The addition of the Generation III Cosmos Style Professional Chamber is adding a whole new dimension to the list below. I am eternally grateful to the Universe, the creators of Tachyon Living products, and all the help I have received to make this awesome experience a reality. Stay tuned for more reports of benefits and the abundance of miracles coming our way!

  • More energetic than before 2018, despite COVID-19, other chronic conditions, and my age- 70 years young!
  • Increased ability to manage chronic conditions with increased capacity to determine the best remedies.
  • Significant decrease in SVT episodes and severity (not one Emergency Room episode in three years instead of averaging 2x per year since 1970!)
  • I experienced reduced fear of germs and illnesses despite COVID-19 concerns- remained safe and sensible with minimal anxiety.
  • Continue experiencing increased peace of mind as I recognize and understand the Zero Point Energy Field around me, increasing a sense of ease, gratitude, and connectedness to Source, especially the higher beings of my choice.
  • The Self Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) of Tachyon is becoming more apparent to me, as I effortlessly and enthusiastically improve my environment and my work. Organizing, sorting, and clearing are much easier now.
  • Before 2018, my vision for my retirement (although I tried to affirm otherwise) consisted of vague, rather bleak plans. Now that I have added Tachyon products and the Quantum Worldview to my 3-D existence, I have no thoughts of retiring! And my future is looking brighter and brighter, in spite of my age!
  • My compassion for others and my capacity to hold space for the world’s suffering while maintaining a meliorist perspective have increased 100 fold.
  • My visionary ability to discern world affairs from a spiritual perspective continues to improve and prove valid.
  • My mental acuity continues to improve. I read a dozen books during quarantine on Quantum Reality and have begun writing again!
  • My enthusiasm and excitement for Tachyon’s effectiveness continue to increase daily.
  • My enthusiasm for studies of Tachyon and Quantum Reality has increased my sense of awe and wonder for the ability of Homo sapiens to evolve into the Homo-luminous light beings that we are destined to become.
  • In April of 2021, the doors opened to purchase the exciting new Generation III Tachyon Chamber. Now, I am on fire to create the best quality of life for myself and others.
  • The Chamber products arrived in late July and by mid-August, I was sharing the experience with a few close friends, and clients.


Celeste E Mattingly

About Celeste E Mattingly

Compassionate professional LCSW, with an Integrative, Quantum approach to healing, with Tachyon Chamber and Tachyon Energy technology. Creator of Celestial Psychology and founder of Celestial Empowerment.

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