Celestial Psychology®

With a combination of traditional “talk” therapy, and state-of-the-art holistic techniques, Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW’s techniques achieve psychological insight, emotional well-being, and an increase in quality-of-life.

Celeste’s unique approach focuses not only on discussion, but the incorporation of mindful practice and creative action as well as, state-of-the-art holistic practices.

Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW has created a theoretical basis for her work, which she has named and trademarked, Celestial Psychology®.

Benefits include (but are not limited to) the ability to:

  • Gain mastery over your emotions, addictions and negative behavior;
  • Become more assertive;
  • Improve coping and communication skills;
  • Develop anger and stress management skills;
  • Change your perceptions;
  • Reframe painful memories;
  • Increase your optimism;
  • Increase functioning and productivity;
  • Improve relationships with your family, friends and co-workers;
  • Access your body’s own natural healing and psychic capabilities;
  • Increase your feelings of peace and forgiveness;
  • Discover what ‘makes your heart sing’;
  • Experience true joy;
  • Develop a new sense of self, self-esteem and self-respect;
  • Enhance your psychic and intuitive capabilities;
  • Overcome the trappings of the Egoic Mind;
  • Accept responsibility for your evolution;
  • Participate in the creation of a better world.

Celestial Psychology® techniques may include role-play, controlled movement, observation of your facial expressions and physical reactions to various subjects, and interactive visualization. One traditional technique that comes from Gestalt is the “empty-chair” exercise. When you have anxieties concerning past conflicts with another individual, especially a loved one, Celeste may ask you to focus on an empty chair in the room, visualize the person sitting in the chair and engage in dialogue with the individual. Celeste may also direct you to assume both roles in the verbal exchange. The key to Gestalt techniques is emphasis on the present, just as with Celestial Psychology®.

The therapy offered at Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, does not focus on how you felt about an event in the past, but on what you are thinking about the event and what you are feeling today.

Celeste does not attempt to second-guess or interpret your emotions and reactions; rather, you are encouraged to express and assume responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Self-defeating patterns can be released so that you become free to live in the moment. If you are seeking to break free of old patterns, assume control of your life, and develop your core self you can benefit greatly from Celestial Psychology® techniques.

To find out if this exciting new therapeutic modality is right for you, contact the office of Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, located in Farmington, CT to take the first step on your journey toward self-discovery, with Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW.

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