Integrative Group Psychotherapy

Ongoing Integrative Multidimensional Group Quantum Psychotherapy

These Integrative Quantum Multidimensional Groups are designed to raise your consciousness and help you to develop a greater awareness of the emotional, physical, spiritual, and social matters which may be interfering with your quality of life (QOL).

Consciousness-raising will help you:

  • gain mastery over negative behaviors and addictions;
  • increase your optimism;
  • increase your feelings of peace and forgiveness;
  • access your body’s own natural healing abilities;
  • discover what makes your heart sing;
  • enhance creativity;
  • develop a new sense of self;
  • experience true joy;
  • and assist you to experience and/or develop your Higher Consciousness (however, you personally define the concept).

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Group therapy is a process in which a number of people (usually no more than fifteen) gather with a trained psychotherapist to reduce their suffering and thereby improve their quality of life (QOL). It has the potential to achieve goals much more quickly than individual psychotherapy.

The following list includes some of the positive benefits of group therapy:

  • Emotional and spiritual growth through the processes of catharsis, modeling, and reduction of the negative Egoic-Mind Paradigm (EMP)
  • Instill hope, a sense of belonging, approval, and acceptance
  • Discover commonality and universality
  • Problem-solve for self and others
  • Create bonds and boundaries
  • Build trust, natural empathy, and altruism
  • Increase coping, communication, and stress & anger management skills
  • Explore and accept the spiritual and multidimensional realities of self and others

Group therapy is recommended when:

  • Problems are best treated in a social context
  • Peer group pressure may enhance the effectiveness of problem-solving
  • Continued ongoing support and structure are essential to deal with chronic problems
  • Creating bonds or learning about the impact one has on others is important for symptom resolution and growth
  • Imparting useful solutions may be better heard by peers

You will also be required to make a commitment to stay in the group for at least 8 weeks. You will be asked sign an agreement to be punctual, respectful, and assertive. Character assassinations, raised voices, manipulating, sexist or racist comments, etc will NOT be tolerated, and you will be required to leave the group if deemed inappropriate.

  • Whether you plan to use your insurance or pay in cash, you will be required to come in for an initial consultation to fill out paperwork and determine appropriateness. Please call to schedule this first appointment.
  • Cost: $50.00 per group, payable prior to group starting. Please arrive 10 minutes early.
  • No show charge: You will be charged $50.00 for failure to provide 24 hour notice.

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