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Quantum Healing & Fork Bending Workshop

“Bend a Fork! Harness the Power of Your Intentions!” Bend a fork! Once you have experienced harnessing your intention to make metal malleable in your hands, it’s much harder to doubt your power for transformation. Fork bending helps us glimpse into the quantum reality of infinite possibilities. Spend the afternoon…

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The positive testimonies are pouring in!

I am thrilled to report that testimonies for Tachyon Chamber for Healing and Anti-aging sessions are pouring in and are positive beyond my wildest dreams. Every participant has experienced deep relaxation, some even fall asleep. Most stay awake and remain pleasantly aware of sensations such as pain-free comfort, floating, tingling,…

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Tachyon Chamber for Healing & Anti-aging opens in Farmington, CT written Oct.1, 2021

TACHYON CHAMBER FOR HEALING & ANTI-AGING OPENS IN FARMINGTON, CT written October 1, 2021 Located inside the well-established Malibu Fitness gym, Celeste E. Mattingly, LCSW, a 70-year-old quantum psychotherapist and tachyon enthusiast, has established the perfect location for a Tachyon Chamber for Healing & Anti-aging. In April 2020, Covid-19 shut…

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