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Quantum Healing & Fork Bending Workshop

“Bend a Fork! Harness the Power of Your Intentions!” Bend a fork! Once you have experienced harnessing your intention to make metal malleable in your hands, it’s much harder to doubt your power for transformation. Fork bending helps us glimpse into the quantum reality of infinite possibilities. Spend the afternoon…

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A Note About Healing with Light, Energy, and Information.

A Note About Healing with Light, Energy, and Information. My introduction to affirmations: I believe I was in my twenties when I first heard the affirmation, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” I didn’t know much about the science behind affirmations or multidimensional healing with…

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Unfolding Light

Beautiful Prayer about Light Below is a beautiful prayer by best-selling author, Paul Ferrini. Paul is the author of the worldwide bestseller Love Without Conditions. Larry Dossey calls him a modern-day Kahlil Gibran and this beautiful prayer is truly evidence of that. Universal Appeal What really appeals to me in…

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The story of the New Location

1533 New Britain Avenue, Suites 1 & 3, Farmington, CT  06032-3341 Hurray! Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, and Celestial Empowerment are moving into a spectacular new location! I asked for a spectacular home office, and the Universe has delivered a spectacular office that I can call home! Why I am moving…

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