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Unfolding Light

Beautiful Prayer about Light

Below is a beautiful prayer by best-selling author, Paul Ferrini. Paul is the author of the worldwide bestseller Love Without Conditions. Larry Dossey calls him a modern-day Kahlil Gibran and this beautiful prayer is truly evidence of that.

Universal Appeal

What really appeals to me in this prayer, is the universality of the concept of Higher Power. It is implied that HP is: Unfolding Light; Universal Spirit; ocean of energy; silent, unmoving center; warm healing energy; oneness of Spirit; [and of course the ultimate] unconditional love. It is inferred that HP can do the following: assist us in releasing all self-created fears, doubts, and mistaken beliefs; dissolve tensions; circulate through our bodies and even direct us to the highest manifestation of our energy as individuals, and as a group. Wow! With all this one wonders why we continue to suffer…

Helps us undo ego

A Course in Miracles teaches us that our belief in separateness is the culprit. In Paul’s prayer the sentence “… Assist us now in releasing all self-created fears, doubts and mistaken beliefs…” has a telling phrase self-created! Certainly, we object, ‘I didn’t create my fears and doubts!’ ‘I don’t want illness and suffering!’ And of course, that’s true for all of us. In our natural healthy states, humans do not deliberately aspire to have disease, destruction, or even death; but when we believe we are separate from HP we are automatically identifying with our egos or our egoic minds. It is the ego that edges god/goodness out and the result is the opposite of all that HP is.

I ‘prescribe’ this prayer at least 2 x per day. I look forward to testimony of its effects on your life. For a printable pdf version  Click here Paul F Prayer

Celeste E Mattingly

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