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Tachyon Chamber for Healing & Anti-aging opens in Farmington, CT written Oct.1, 2021

Malibu Fitness Gym

Tachyon Chamber is located in Unit #3


Located inside the well-established Malibu Fitness gym, Celeste E. Mattingly, LCSW, a 70-year-old quantum psychotherapist and tachyon enthusiast, has established the perfect location for a Tachyon Chamber for Healing & Anti-aging. In April 2020, Covid-19 shut down Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, and the home of her Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment, aka her fabulous ‘sweet suite’ in West Hartford. In that office, she practiced psychotherapy, hosted workshops for professionals to obtain CEUs in her field, and established a thriving but small Tachyon Chamber where she and her clients experienced deep relaxation, stress reduction, and quite a few medical miracles.  Closing her office was financially and physically stressful and very painful emotionally; however, telehealth kept her going.  After working from home for a year, Celeste was thrilled to discover the rental opportunities the gym’s owner Jack Banks presented to her. She immediately recognized this would be the perfect spot to re-open Psychotherapy Healing Services and her small personal Tachyon Chamber. Celeste did not hesitate to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent for Unit #1. Within a few days, she realized that she would need more space, and she added Unit #6- a small receptionist’s office to her lease.

The day Celeste signed the lease for Unit #1, she excitedly called the creators of Tachyon Chambers and Tachyon Living products, located in Arizona. She told them she would be re-opening in a new space already painted with the delightful aqua-teal color featured in the Tachyon logo and product line. Much to her surprise, she learned that the company was rolling out an upgrade of the professional Tachyon Chamber Celeste had been dreaming about obtaining since 2018 when she was first introduced to this highly beneficial product line. Well, the financial seas parted, and the heavens bestowed her with enough credit line to order the new Generation III Tachyon Chamber in April of 2021.

As with so many Covid-19 related complications, the wait for the products was excruciating. However, during that time, Celeste discovered a fellow Tachyon Chamber owner in MA, Harry Kalajian, Master Healer. Harry was the first to order the new Chamber and was set up for about two weeks when Celeste decided to call him and introduce herself. The discussion with this exceptional practitioner inspired her so much that she called the landlord early the following day to inquire about adding another room to her lease. Much to her delight, Unit #3 became available and is now a stand-alone office and fully tachyonized; the Generation III Professional Tachyon Chamber is up and running!

Clients, family, and friends are clamoring for appointments

Enthralled with the powerful Zero Point Energy technology of a Tachyon Chamber and compelled by the beauty of the room, Celeste’s psychotherapy clients, family, and friends are clamoring for appointments. They recognize this is a novel opportunity for healing and anti-aging that has never been available to anyone.

The production of Tachyon products has only been in existence for about thirty years. Tachyon Chamber technology has only been available for the last decade. The Tachyon Living company out of Arizona is on a mission to flood the Earth with these healing frequencies. Celeste is thrilled to be sharing Tachyon Living’s mission, as contributing to the uptick in humanity’s consciousness is her life’s dharma. Her mission statement, written over 20 years ago, includes a promise to combine state-of-the-art energy healing with psychotherapy. She believes the incorporation of Tachyon Energy into her life, and her work is the definitive expression of her mission and a direct result of Tachyon Energy itself. Instead of retiring into a part-time telehealth career, at 70 years young, she has the enthusiasm, fortitude, and conviction to continue serving others in accordance with her mission statement.

Providing state-of-the-art energy medicine with Tachyon has no comparison. There is nothing like it on the planet. Tachyon particles exist around us at all times as the Life Force, Chi, or Prana. They don’t exist in Newtonian psychics because nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, but they do exist in the quantum realm. Quantum physics has recognized Tachyon particles as the bridge between all frequencies and Source. These self-organizing sub-atomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light can be concentrated and infused into matter. Once infused, physical objects emit spiritual energy and temporarily suspend negative influences, such as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), air pollution, pesticides, GMOs, chronic stress, entropy, and negative emotions. Physicists identify this as a Zero Point Energy Field.

About the Tachyon Chamber itself

Celeste’s Tachyon Chamber contains over 150 lbs. of Tachyonized crystals and products designed to emit the highest concentration of Tachyon energy possible. Sacred geometry, rotating colored lights for chakra subtle-body healing, and great care go into producing these superior and highly effective quality products. Everyone agrees that sitting in the comfy recliner surrounded by six 25 pound crystal spheres under the 4′ Tachyonized pyramid housing a double-tier crystal generator, with lights rotating through the chakra colors is a powerfully moving experience. Adding a three-metal alloy Tachyon Living Power Rod in each hand sends rushes through sensitives’ bodies. Even the insensitive recognize the refreshing nature of the Zero Point Energy Field.

Benefits & Experiences

Celeste says participants have reported experiencing everything from deep relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being to pain relief and reversal of medical conditions. Some report an increase in connectedness to Source, which actually made one client weep tears of gratitude almost throughout his first session. Others report out-of-body, floating experiences, and almost everyone reports temporary suspension of mental chatter. Most notably, one client reported normal bloodwork the day after her first session! She was crying with gratitude when she called me because she had been battling the early stages of a rare form of blood cancer, and now all signs of it were gone!

In general, almost everyone experiences vibrations and pulsing from the chakra disks and rods. By the fifth session, clients report the following in their everyday QOL- increased energy, decreased overall pain, and an increased sense of peace, ease, and gratitude. Participants experience increases in sense of connectedness to Source, family, and friends; increased self-confidence; increased mental acuity; increased balance and grounded-ness; increased sense of direction and perseverance with their careers and life goals; increased creativity; increased ability to follow through with self-care goals; and an increased sense of awe and wonder.

Zero Point Energy is the omnipresent field of pure, inexhaustible, and unlimited potentiality, which most call God. Tachyon is the interface or the bridge to this field. It energizes or informs the material world, manifesting with what quantum physicists call downward causation. Holly Mathews says,

“The Tachyon will clear and balance your chakra and meridians within minutes.  Many feel it like a tingling or wave movement.  Some experience a feeling of the body heating up (due to the cells vibrating much faster).  This passes quite quickly leaving you in a wonderful bliss state.”

Tachyon improves body, mind, and spirit. It clears the way for healing, anti-aging, and increased quality of life.

About Celeste:

Celeste has been a student of metaphysics and healing for 50 years. She is an ordained minister, as well as a Reiki and Reconnective Healing practitioner. She has been studying with Gene Ang, Ph.D., since 2008. Dr. Ang teaches spoon bending classes—making metal malleable with intention and spiritual/psychic energy infusion. So, when Celeste first began reading about Tachyon, she excitedly recognized its viability.

“Tachyon immediately resonated with me! I know it is an accelerated healing opportunity, as well as a way to assist the evolution of our species to homo-luminous beings. I am thrilled to be announcing the Tachyon Chamber is now up and running!”


Celeste wants readers to know that sessions are $3.00 per minute and are not covered by insurance; however, a sliding scale can be arranged. The meditation music can be set for 30, 45, 60, or 90-minute sessions. She recommends at least five or six 30-minute sessions over a few months. She encourages everyone to purchase as many Tachyonized products as possible. When Celeste discovered Tachyon Living sells DIY envelopes for a reasonable price, she knew that the creators’ Holly and Paris Matthews were living in integrity with their mission to flood the Earth with Tachyon healing and anti-aging energy. Celeste is honored to be on board with this noble mission.

Celeste E Mattingly

About Celeste E Mattingly

Compassionate professional LCSW, with an Integrative, Quantum approach to healing, with Tachyon Chamber and Tachyon Energy technology. Creator of Celestial Psychology and founder of Celestial Empowerment.

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