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Mission Accepted

By July 17, 2021July 18th, 2021News, Tachyon Chamber, Tachyon News
Mission Accepted 2018

February 2018

Generation III Tachyon Chamber is being delivered to its new home at 15 Executive Drive, Farmington, CT

This fun photo was taken in February of 2018 when my friend Melissa and I were on a weekend vacation in Las Vegas. We were walking to an evening show, and we got lost. These two superheroes showed up and escorted us to the show! Little did I realize that taking a photo with them would be so appro pro to my next herculean and definitely heroic chapter in life.

This new chapter began in January of 2018 when I discovered Tachyon Energy and Tachyon Living products. (To learn more about Tachyon Energy and how my clients, family, friends, and I have benefitted from Tachyon Living products, you can click here.) However, I fully accepted this true herculean mission in April of 2021, when I invested in the Generation III Tachyon Chamber (delivery scheduled to arrive within the next few days! Hurray!) with all the trimmings and fixings for enhanced quality of life for all.

I have been humbly thinking about this as a superheroes mission because of what Tachyon and Zero Point Energy can do for us and the planet. Last month one of the spiritual teachers I sometimes read sent a newsletter that epitomizes my thinking and paves the way for a quantum understanding of Tachyon. Craig Hamilton titled his article, “What Wonder Woman and the Buddha Have in Common.”

Craig and I both understand humans are fascinated with superheroes because:

“We can’t bear the overwhelming complexities of our world and [we] find comfort in the fantasy that a group of superordinary beings could save us…[and] that we contain within us an untapped well of superpowers or … and essential supernature… They are the innate “powers” of the Enlightened self.”

We both concur this is not a new idea because in the “world’s great wisdom traditions we find an agreement; that when humans leap [taking a quantum leap!] into their own enlightened or divine nature, they become transformed into a kind of super-being.”

These concepts remind me of a line in a poem I wrote in the boastful style of Walt Whitman, published in the 1986 American Anthology for Poetry. “Becoming gods and goddesses they telekinetically strive to do what is best for themselves and for YOU.” I am boasting of this poem with humility. Although I believe, as Craig and the many world’s esoteric traditions espouse, “the awakened ones could read minds, fly through the air, appear in two places at once, heal at a distance, move objects with their minds, and walk through walls.” I have a long way to go. However, the 2018 introduction to Tachyon in my life has exponentially recharged my faith in my own and humanity’s evolutionary capabilities. (Click below to read the entire poem.)

Tachyons are sub-atomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light. Quantum physicists liken them to the subtle energy of the life force. Tachyon particles exist outside of space and time. They are the source of all energetic frequencies, including thought. Metaphysicians and PSI experts will liken Tachyon particles to a ‘sea of infinite possibilities’ from whence all matter is formed, aka the Morphogenic Field, the Zero Point Energy Field. The process of harnassing Tachyon particles and infusing them into physical objects turns the objects into a type of antenna. Surrounding ourselves with these highly infused products introduces us to the quantum world where manifestation, also known by physicists as downward causation, happens. We can call it divine or call it a scientific phenomenon; it doesn’t matter (pun intended!)

Craig describes it wonderfully:

“We discover a life of boundless inner freedom and unassailable joy. We find ourselves becoming a conduit for an overflowing fullness and a love that seems to have no end. When we discover this “super-conscious self,” we also find that we have access to a remarkable type of intuitive knowing that enables us to instantly—faster than the speed of thought—discern powerful truths, see into the heart of a situation, and spontaneously take effective actions, seemingly without any premeditation, and sometimes without even our own awareness.”

When I read his phrase, “faster than the speed of thought!” I almost fell off my chair! The speed of thought is the Tachyon experience! I have found myself at 70 years young, “filled with a dynamic source of energy that is seemingly limitless—energy to do whatever needs to be done in each moment. This energy is no longer coming from our [my] body but from somewhere mysterious that we can’t see.” This is the quantum foam of the Tachyon Chamber experience. Where “we find we can tap into a well of creativity that feels limitless. It’s as though the creative power of the cosmos is coursing through us. Whenever we need it, it is available.”

I have invested in the professional Generation III Tachyon Chamber to further my evolutionary development and yours.

I look forward to sharing this new and exciting technology with you. Be sure to be on the newsletter to stay tuned for the grand opening of the Generation III Tachyon Living Chamber at my new location.  Whtman Sampler for online post

Celeste E Mattingly

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Compassionate professional LCSW, with an Integrative, Quantum approach to healing, with Tachyon Chamber and Tachyon Energy technology. Creator of Celestial Psychology and founder of Celestial Empowerment.

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