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Review of Fork-Bending 101 Workshop

“We bent the metal forks! We tested our mettle! And we had a blast doing it!”

There were 13 of us gathered on Saturday afternoon to embrace the unexpected and to experience the thrill of making metal malleable with our intentions. At the start of the workshop, I confessed that in 2008, the mere idea of this phenomenon had me quaking in my boots. I admitted to them I was so sure I couldn’t accomplish what I imagined a herculean feat that I paid my spiritual teacher, Gene Ang, Ph.D., for a private lesson.

Letting go and having fun!

It turned out that my biggest problem during that private lesson was trying too hard. During the ‘allow phase,’ Gene told me a few jokes and stories about other people’s struggles learning the technique. And then he convinced me to let go of my self-judgment. Letting go worked! And when I bent my first intention-imbued fork, my eyes welled with tears, and my understanding of physical reality has never been the same.

When Saturday’s class was over, I told the class I had been particularly anxious that day because I had never taught a class specifically and solely on fork-bending, this seemingly magical yet scientifically sound quantum phenomenon. I confessed to them my anxiety shot through the roof the night before when I discovered half of the forks I had purchased were twice as thick as recommended! While I was fretting, a stink bug followed the projector’s light and flew right onto my presentation screen! I never knew that stink bugs fly! The discovery of my mistake and this bug showing up tested my mettle! Cancel! Cancel! To combat this surge of anxiety, I deliberately and immediately set my mind to affirmative statement-making. “I will have enough forks; this workshop will be a success! No stink bugs allowed!”

The workshop was a success.

We learned two of the twelve techniques Gene teaches. We had a lot of fun. The average “allow phase” was about eight minutes to start and then got shorter as participants’ confidence and excitement grew.

“Great time! I truly enjoyed it and was able to bend and twist my forks a lot. Good information, and I am excited for 102 to learn more techniques.” MS

“Great material, very interesting and fun!” LG

“A wonderful exercise in the quantum realm, a great experience with a multitude of information provided in an informative and interesting way.” SG

“Very fascinating! Perfect next step to learning to let go and allow whatever else comes forth.” ML

“Celeste is a wonderful, fun teacher who brings out the inner child. Magic! Fun! Easy afternoon!” AS

In conclusion

By bending metal forks with the power of our intention, we bent the rules of physical reality and entered the magical realms of quantum science. Entering the quantum world, or the quantum foam (as I like to call it along with the Zero Point Energy Field), tests our mettle by bending the boundaries of our comfort zones and exposing us to the sea of infinite possibilities where we can make quantum leaps of personal growth and transformation.

I’m looking forward to the next workshop! Stay tuned!


Later, I learned that stink bugs represent transformation! How magically appropriate, after all!

Celeste E Mattingly

About Celeste E Mattingly

Compassionate professional LCSW, with an Integrative, Quantum approach to healing, with Tachyon Chamber and Tachyon Energy technology. Creator of Celestial Psychology and founder of Celestial Empowerment.

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