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Rainbow Story

By November 17, 2017News

Earlier this evening, right while my client and I were brainstorming about how she must, and some of the ways that she can empower herself at her job- this beautiful magnificent rainbow appeared outside my office window! As we were excitedly remarking how fantastic it was the rainbow’s double showed up and they both got brighter, and brighter, lasting for a good 3 minutes.

While taking multiple photos with our cell phones, we were both overcome with awe and filled with gratitude for such a wondrous sight! We were also both blown away by the serendipity of the moment. “It must be a sign,” she remarked, and I wholeheartedly agreed. How could we not take this as a sign that the ‘gods are favoring’ this plan we were whipping up for her to empower herself with her team and her employer. Certainly, there will be a pot o’ gold at the end of this rainbow-conjured self-empowering plan of action. We both delighted in the power of the moment, as well.

I did not share with her what happened outside this window on another occasion. My entourage of celestial healing angels, saints, and ascended masters, and I were conjuring up some intervention for a young female client of mine to stop excessively drinking. Suddenly, a gust of wind came up out of nowhere and with a loud bang, knocked a gutter into the window she was facing. She experienced this as a bolt from above! “It must be a sign!” she remarked and I wholeheartedly agreed. She has been able to maintain moderation for over a year now. There are no photos that captured that moment, but it lives in both our hearts, forever.

How fortunate we are for cell phones with cameras that can capture and preserve for ourselves and future generations, awesome moments like these.

I like this shot of the rainbow because it shows off the beautiful tree of life window orb that I received as an office warming gift from a dear friend when I moved into this glorious space that I am so very grateful to have.

Tonight’s double rainbow was magnificent! And the ability to capture moments like these while helping others fills my heart, mind, and soul with more gratitude and satisfaction than I could ever imagine.

I love my work as a psychotherapist, and with moments like these there is no doubt that I, (or rather, my higher self and my entourage of celestial helpers, aka HP) do a darn good job of empowering those that are willing to do the work. Most of you know by now, that I call this work, the Holy Work of consciousness-raising. Awakening our minds, opening our hearts, attuning and ascending our spirits is the highest form of work we spiritual beings in human form can do.

Oh, and this photo of the rainbow shows off my Celestial Psychology mandala plate, my license, my favorite angels and some of my favorite books that I have been using for my work with spiritually-oriented clients.



Folks all over the Hartford, CT area got some beautiful photos that were sent to local news stations, and are now posted online.  Please share your photos, here and bring them with you to this Sunday’s Gratitude & Grace Gathering and Giving. Gather with us from 4 to 5:30. Share your gratitude and leave with more gratitude and grace and possibly, even a door prize!

Rainbows, Smiles & Blessings Galore to you and yours!


Celeste E Mattingly

About Celeste E Mattingly

Compassionate professional LCSW, with an Integrative, Quantum approach to healing, with Tachyon Chamber and Tachyon Energy technology. Creator of Celestial Psychology and founder of Celestial Empowerment.

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