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A Double Rainbow on a quadruple ‘5’ day with an eclipsed full moon evening!

Double rainbow

Today didn’t start so well for me. I have been wrestling with some big disappointments bringing up some classic ‘egoic monkey-mind fears. You probably know them “You made a mistake,” “This new venture will never work out,” oh, and this classic one – “You’re too old to be starting all this new stuff”! Being as old as I am, I have had a lot of experience wrestling with my egoic monkey mind. Some days are better than others, but most of the time, I can ignore or dismiss it. I was not having any luck today until I happened to catch a glimpse of one of my favorite prints with a quote by the painter Thomas Kinkaide

“When I create, God lights and candle for all the world to see!”
Then I remembered it was a full moon and a special ‘5’ day! A familiar rumbling stirred in my soul, and I ‘made a decision’ to ‘turn it over,’ stop fretting, and get creating- something! Anything! So I headed to Staples in Avon to get some office supplies, especially some colored pens for inspiration.

Boy, did I ever get inspired!

The most amazing double rainbow appeared through the light misty rain. I took some photos from the parking lot. I shared my excitement with a woman coming out of the store. She had no cell phone with her, so I texted her a copy. She was very excited because tomorrow is her son’s graduation!

What a gift of hope for him and for all of us!

I hated to go into the store for fear the rainbow would be gone; they typically last only a few minutes. However, I was more determined than ever to get my creative juices flowing and finish my chores. I brought my ink cartridges in for recycling, got my pens, and when I got outside the store,

the rainbow was still there!

I took more pictures and noticed a few folks doing the same thing. Finally, I headed home. Although this exquisite rainbow was sometimes singular or faded in areas, it lasted over an hour! I was amazed when I turned the corner on Route 10, and it was still visible! I pulled into a parking lot and took a few more pictures.

When I ever got to the golf course, I had to pull over again! By this time, I was incredibly awestruck! I pulled into a parking lot and got out in the light misty rain. I walked up a slight incline and got the exquisite double rainbow in one frame of beautiful scenery!

I stood amid this magnificent creation of natural wonder and breathed in the grace and goodness of the Universe!

It filled me with joy, and I am still buzzing with gratitude and hope for the future.

As if this wasn’t miraculous enough, today was the 5th day of the work week, the 5th day of the 5th month in a ‘5’ year! The number 5 is the messenger between the heavens and humanity. Could we have been given a louder message than a splendid double rainbow? I don’t think so! Except, however, the Universe decided to add to the splendor and send it on the Scorpio full moon eclipse!

Celeste E Mattingly

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