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Quantum Healing & Fork Bending Workshop

“Bend a Fork! Harness the Power of Your Intentions!”

Bend a fork! Once you have experienced harnessing your intention to make metal malleable in your hands, it’s much harder to doubt your power for transformation. Fork bending helps us glimpse into the quantum reality of infinite possibilities. Spend the afternoon immersed in this quantum world. Surrounded by beautiful décor, you will bathe in the Tachyon Chamber’s frequency while discovering exciting new ways to access quantum healthcare.

“Twist the tines of a fork!

As you embark on the mesmerizing journey of commanding metal to yield beneath the sway of your focused intent, the undeniable metamorphosis that unfolds within your grasp becomes a testament to your profound capacity for transformation. Doubt, in the face of such tangible power, dissipates like morning mist before the rising sun.

The artistry of fork bending extends beyond the mere physical realm, inviting you to peer into the quantum tapestry of boundless potentials. Within this enigmatic dance of malleable matter, the very essence of reality unfurls its secrets, revealing a universe brimming with infinite possibilities awaiting your exploration.

Immerse yourself in an afternoon bathed in opulence, surrounded by the exquisite tapestry of decor that envelops you. Within the sanctuary of the Tachyon Chamber, let the frequencies resonate with your being, amplifying the vibrations of your newfound prowess. Here, in this haven of quantum marvels, unveil the exciting pathways to accessing a revolutionary realm of healthcare—one where the boundaries of conventional understanding dissolve, giving rise to a tapestry of healing possibilities as vast and limitless as the cosmos itself.” OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (September 25 Version) [Large language model].

Celeste will present a PowerPoint review of some of the latest literature on quantum approaches to utilizing energy (aka the life force), light, and information to improve our quality of life. Einstein’s famous concept, “The higher the frequency of light, the more energy…” will come to life as we experience how increasing our quantity of light, energy, and information (QOLEI) proportionally affects our quality of life (QOL) ^QOLEI α^QOL. Celeste will also share her experiences with the Tachyon and LifeWave products that have helped her immensely.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

1:00 to 5:00 pm

1533 New Britain Avenue, Suite #3

Farmington, CT  06032

Cost $48.00

Advance Registration Required

The cost includes four forks for each participant (you are welcome to bring your own utensils) to bend, refreshments, handouts, and a tachyonized gift.

Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW, is a trailblazing psychotherapist who founded Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, in 1999. Mattingly has combined her expertise in clinical social work with her fascination for energy healing, Energy Psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality and started Celestial Empowerment Quantum Healthcare, LLC in 2023. She is the creator of Celestial Psychology® and has authored a workbook and a guidebook on the topic.

Click to access fork-bending-flyer.pdf

Celeste E Mattingly

About Celeste E Mattingly

Compassionate professional LCSW, with an Integrative, Quantum approach to healing, with Tachyon Chamber and Tachyon Energy technology. Creator of Celestial Psychology and founder of Celestial Empowerment.

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