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Welcome to the Wonder-Filled World of Celestial Empowerment

  • Consciousness-raising is the common denominator in 90% of change-making.
  • Celestial Empowerment is the overarching umbrella for all things that raise our consciousness-leading to enlightenment.
  • Celestial Psychology® is founded on the conviction that human beings are capable of changing for the better, with the Holy Work of consciousness-raising and an Integrative set of quantum & standard psychotherapeutic and holistic tools.
  • Celestial Psychology® provides state-of-the-art Integrative & Quantum/Multidimensional tools for transformation and evolution of the individual and the species of Homo sapiens.
  • When we align our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits with all things positive, cosmic, divine, heavenly, and of course, celestial~~~ we become empowered with the spark of creation itself.
  • Celestial Empowerment assists humanity to become all that it can be; emboldening each of us to evolve from Homo sapiens to Homo-luminous beings.

Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW

Welcomes you to

The Wonder-Filled World of Celestial Empowerment

Quantum Psychotherapist & Healing Facilitator

Creator of Celestial Psychology®

Owner and Facilitator of New England’s First Tachyon Chamber for Healing & Anti-aging meditation sessions

New Photos were taken in August 2021

Celestial Empowerment with Psychotherapy Healing Services

Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW founded Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, in 1999. She has provided skilled and compassionate care to nearly 2,000 clients in the past two decades. She has successfully carried on her mission of delivering affordable, insurance-accessible, and effective psychotherapy in combination with state-of-the-art alternative healing modalities. As a sole proprietor, because of her dedication as a mental-health professional Celeste has been able to provide individual and group psychotherapy to adults with mental health, addiction, and spiritual issues in all phases of life. She attributes her success to her highly specialized body-mind-spirit training and licensing as a Clinical Social Worker. She is authorized and licensed by the state of Connecticut to practice psychotherapy in CT.

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Celestial Empowerment with Celestial Psychology®

Celestial Psychology® is founded on the conviction that human beings are capable of change, and that the most profound vehicle for change is consciousness-raising.

“Three times as many therapies include an expansion of consciousness as a central factor in behavior change.” – Prochaska & Norcross, 1994

  • Where ancient traditions meet contemporary psychotherapy.
  • Where raising consciousness to a quantum worldview is as scientific as it is spiritual.
  • Where psychotherapy can take its rightful place as the ultimate mode of healing—because all healing comes from the Mind.

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Benefits of Celestial Empowerment

Celestial Psychology is a new and exciting Integrative, Multidimensional, Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual (non-denominational) path for achieving Celestial Empowerment. We call the work we do on this path The Holy Work of Consciousness-Raising.

Benefits may include, but are not limited to:

  • Gain mastery over your emotions, addictions and negative behaviors;
  • Become more assertive;
  • Improve coping and communication skills;
  • Develop anger and stress management skills;

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Bradford W. Tilden, MM, CMT, UWT, LSINH writes: "I have been enjoying the benefits of Tachyons since Celeste introduced me to them several years ago. But when I sit in the Generation 3 Chamber and experience its energy it is at a whole new level. Waves of higher vibrations roll through what feels like every cell in my body, physical pain is greatly reduced, and I feel energized and rejuvenated on all levels. This is one of the strongest and purist new healing technologies I’ve encountered. I recommend it to anyone interested in deep significant therapeutic and energetic change. I look forward to each session like a spa day for my soul.”

Cosmos Tachyon Chamber TestimonialsBradford W. Tilden, MM, Owner of Crystal Music Healing, Cheshire, CT

RC writes, "After my first energy session with Celeste, five years ago, I suddenly became very sick and went to the walk-in. They realized that my blood pressure had improved so much that I was on too much medication. I now take only one med, instead of three. It's been this way for the past five years."

Energy MedicineTestimonials

Karen Rider, Journalist wrote: "Celeste is a visionary pioneer in the metaphysical arts and sciences. It is a rare thing to be able to open a self-improvement book and feel deep in your core, that you have begun a journey... There are few visionary teachers who can both inspire and empower people to overcome the trappings of the ego-mind." OM Times Magazine, 2013

ToutsOm Times Magazine 2013

Angel Lightfeather Arizona Psychic said: "I have never seen an aura photo like this. You, Celeste, are truly divinely protected, your heart is wide open, and your path is clear to even more spiritual development, for yourself and others."

ToutsBy famous psychic

“From the moment I met Celeste and walked into her incredible space, I knew we had found a like-minded soul. Celeste has an amazing way of creating a safe welcoming space through her beautiful presence and amazing heart. In doing this, she set the stage for the most extraordinary experience with the Tachyon Chamber.”."

ToutsJennifer W, RN, LMT of SEV Center, NY

RK says: "My sessions in the Tachyon Chamber have been nothing short of miraculous. Each visit I have been able to relieve pain and increase my ability to relax and make progress with my goals."

Tachyon Anti-AgingTestimonial - May 2018

AD writes: "My first Tachyon session was a compilation of various experiences. During the session, I felt very relaxed and could actually feel different parts of my brain being gently stimulated by the various "notes" in the music, which was a very cool feeling. Afterwards, I felt energized and got a ton of loose ends done when I got home and later on into the week. Overall, I found it both interesting and very beneficial for overall well-being. I felt great and am now eager to do a longer session next time!"

Tachyon SessionTestimonial

CK says, "It has been three months since my first Tachyon Chamber session. During that session I experienced the sensation that I was being touched on the arm by God. The next day my blood-work was normal for the first time in 1 1/2 years. I do not take any AMA medical treatment and I have only had one other session and my blood-work is still normal and improving. My doctor is very impressed and states that this is atypical for multiplemyeloma blood cancer."

Tachyon HealingTestimonial July 17, 2018

Diane S, MSW says, "My experience in the chamber was like bathing in pure consciousness. Seated in a comfy recliner with headphones and relaxing music you begin to travel and feel the tachyon energy moving throughout your body and chakras. An eye mask and 8 chakra stones facilitated this process, clearing resistances and balancing all energy bodies in the subtle realm. I left with a wonderful sense of well-being and much to ponder! I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to feel Whole again and integrated.”

Tachyon ChamberNY Goddess visits Tachyon Chamber

"Wonderful to be among like-minded people- sharing and confirming a spiritual core of all that is. A discovery of Quantum energy convergence of understanding on so many levels. Looking forward to another fun and energizing experience."

Quantum Workshop TestimonialSB writes

MW writes, "I picked Celeste over other therapists because of her spirituality approach. She not only helped me get through a difficult situation with work, but she inspired me to get into the ministry, where my heart has been. Without the sessions I had with her, I would not have been able to make this wonderful transformation."

Talk TherapyTestimonials

MS writes, “Since being introduced to Tachyon frequencies I immediately became hooked. I look forward to each weekly relaxing Tachyon meditation session. I purchased several Tachyon-Living products and enjoy the energy I receive daily from them. My Power Card is always in my pocket, my scarf can be seen draped around my shoulders while I work at my computer, and the power beads sit near my water bottle. I am calmer. I think more clearly. And I have had a significant reduction in lower back pain over the past month."

Tachyon ProductsTestimony

JW writes, “I immediately felt extremely calm and relaxed which allowed my body to feel a tingling effervescent movement of energy up-and-down my chakras that moved in gentle waves. As I was bathed in this beautiful subtle energy, I started to really sink into the experience of being inside my own wisdom chambers, uncovering deeper remembrance of who I am. In my mind’s eye, I experienced beautiful sacred geometry and felt my guides present during the session."

Tachyon Meditation SessionTestimony from JW, RN, LMT

“My initial experience in the Tachyon Chamber was exquisitely profound. I experienced deep levels of clearing and healing. I was able to release old blockages, programs, and beliefs that no longer serve me. In all timelines in all dimensions. I received multiple downloads that are unfolding very pleasantly in my life. For me, the effect of my sessions has been that I am able to stay in my deep heart center space for longer periods of time. I am able to radiate my energy from this space more powerfully and more frequently. The gift of being in the chamber has assisted me to hold higher levels of Light and become an Emanating Source of Higher Frequencies. I feel myself advancing with every visit.”

Cosmos Tachyon ChamberJeremiah R, Portland, CT, 2021

“I felt my body floating. I felt the vibration of the Tachyon Rods wherever I placed them. I felt energy movement in my body as I was concentrating on it. Felt physical stress leaving my body. My monkey mind was pretty quiet.”

Cosmos Tachyon ChamberKH, Farmington, CT 2021

“I loved it! I knew I would! I was so relaxed that I didn’t want it to end; it went by so fast! I was able to let go of some old painful memories- they came up and just floated out of my mind, without struggle. I can’t wait to come back.”

Cosmos Tachyon ChamberCK, Danbury, CT, 2021

“I felt movement and tingling deep in my brain, where I had an old injury. It was clear to me that healing took place.”

Cosmos Tachyon ChamberOK, Wolcott, CT, 2021

“My Tachyon Chamber session was like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. My feeling of total
relaxation and bliss was the most uninterrupted and profoundly healing experience I could have ever
imagined. Upon first entering the beautiful space, I knew something imminently special was about to
take place. Every detail in the room is devoted to total comfort as well as health of mind and body. The
session itself is a transporting journey into your inner mind. Truly amazing, and inspiring!” Jack Banks,
owner of Malibu Fitness Gym.

Cosmos Tachyon Chamber TestimonialJack Banks, Owner of Malibu Fitness Gym

“My Tachyon Chamber sessions are clearly helping me feel better. While I am in the session, physically,
my RA pain completely subsides. I experience a reduction in pain and discomfort that lasts at least 3
days after the session. To date, I have had three 45-minute sessions and overall, I am convinced that
blockages in my spirituality and resistance to improving my life are being chipped away.”

Cosmos Tachyon Chamber SessionDR, Meriden, CT

“Dear Celeste, I want to express my gratitude and experience after my first Tachyon session. I didn’t feel any different at first, I was a little tired that day. Gradually though my neck that was very stiff for almost a year- I couldn’t move it without moving my entire body- has improved not only with movement, but less pain. I’ve also noticed less pain gradually in my knee, which I had broken the patella over 20 years ago. I’ve forgotten all about the pain! I feel blessed and thankful for the Tachyon therapy session and the tachyonized bead you gave me. It’s truly wonderful and amazing to me how much better I feel and how it’s helped improve my life. CK, Newington, CT

CK, Newington, CTCosmos Tachyon Chamber

When I went to see Celeste for the Tachyon chamber therapy session I was 1.5 weeks out after major breast surgery. I did not know what to expect but I’ve worked with Celeste many years and I trust what she does with high regard. She has great integrity and has the ability to work in a very grounded structured way that is compassionate and yet she utilizes the highest energies and vibrational therapies. I felt comfortable from start to finish she explained everything very matter of fact. The chamber itself is beautiful beyond words. It utilizes crystals, sacred geometry, and color therapy which is a favorite therapy of mine because the vibration of color helps to balance many aspects very subtly in the body mind and spirit. There was a very short meditation which encouraged me to set my own intention and then instrumental music was played softly as I relaxed. At the end of the session I was nudged to return fully into the space and feel grounded again. I always felt fully grounded and fully in control but at the same time I felt the presence of these higher energies at work although I cannot tell you how. I believe that the Tachyon Therapy help me greatly increase my healing ability as well as increased my energy after surgery. I am returning to work tomorrow and I believe that this healing session greatly prepared me to return back to work quicker than expected. I hope that you also will try this therapy. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Celeste⭐💜⭐💙⭐

Cosmos Tachyon Chamber SessionAudrey Bennett, LCSW, Integrative Therapist