“Three times as many therapies include an expansion of consciousness as a central factor in behavior change.”

Prochaska & Norcross, 1994

Celestial Psychology®

Celestial Psychology® is founded on the conviction that human beings are capable of change, and that the most profound vehicle for change is consciousness-raising.
  • Where ancient traditions meet contemporary psychotherapy.
  • Where raising consciousness to a quantum worldview is as scientific as it is spiritual.
  • Where psychotherapy can take its rightful place as the ultimate mode of healing—because all healing comes from the Mind.

What is Celestial Psychology®?

This exciting system of psychotherapy is a skillfully blended eclectic combination of: well-known psychological theories; standard psychiatric techniques; ancient metaphysical and religious ideologies and/or practices; Holistic healing concepts and state-of-the-art energy medicine modalities.

Celestial Psychology® is founded on the conviction that human beings are capable of change beyond their wildest dreams, and that the most profound vehicle for change is consciousness-raising to a quantum worldview.

Celestial Psychology® (CP) is an integrated blend of: standard, well-known psychotherapeutic theories; psychiatric, nutritional, and energy medicine interventions; a variety of state-of-the-art consciousness-raising techniques, including but not limited to utilization of affirmations, visualizations, guided meditations, energetic and evolutionary activations, and journal writing. CP is founded on the basic principle that human beings are capable of changing for the better and evolving into higher beings. The theoretical distinction for CP is the incorporation of the contemporary Egoic Mind Paradigm (EMP), energy-medicine and an evolutionary perspective.

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12 Principles for Celestial Psychology®

  1. Human beings are spiritual, multidimensional beings inhabiting physical bodies, by choice.
  2. The physical bodies of spiritual/human beings are biologically encoded to upgrade into permanent states of infinite cooperation, empathy, compassion, and illumination.
  3. Spiritual/human beings are capable of improving and healing themselves—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with consciousness-raising—to a quantum worldview—termed “Holy Work.”
  4. Holy Work is a combination of standard psychological, state-of-the-art holistic and non-denominational/non-traditional spiritual practices.
  5. Holy Work produces positive behavior changes and generates self-actualization, liberation, psychic powers, miracles, luminosity, oneness, quantum worldview.
  6. Spiritual/human beings have the free will to choose between love and fear, or ego and essence.
  7. Spiritual/human beings have an energetic etheric body capable of being developed into a luminous vehicle for multidimensional healing and living.
  8. Spiritual/human beings are connected to one another and the universe by way of an energy field also known as the divine matrix, assuring all Holy Work creates ripples of positive change.
  9. The evolutionary impulse is driving Homo sapiens to evolve into new species, one of which is Homo-luminous beings.
  10. The trajectory of evolution is an upward spiral, assembling a new Genus of spiritual/human beings—Supraconscious Creators.
  11. Spiritual/humans are in their most enlightened state of being when they are serving each other and the evolutionary impulse without ego.
  12. Celestial Psychology® is the defining theoretical framework for the new Fifth Wave of Psychology—Conscious Evolutive Psychology.


Experience this state-of-the-art healing modality that has been suitably named and trademarked, Celestial Psychology® (CP). This revolutionary therapy is a true Holistic Approach to healing and is the wave of the future.

Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC takes the most beneficial aspects of traditional psychotherapy and condenses them into an eclectic/integrative form of therapy which offers rapid results. In traditional therapy, the process of self-awareness, insight, and affirmative lifestyle change can take years.

Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW incorporates a variety of holistic techniques, which have been developed in order to help you bypass the internal resistance mechanisms that block your emotional insight. Celeste’s holistic approach includes nutritional supplementation suggestions, to assist you with mood and anxiety disorders. She will teach you a variety of the basics of meditation, martial arts, and chakra-balancing techniques, either individually or in her classes and workshops.

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