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Karen Rider, author for the OM Times magazine interviewed Celeste in 2013, after Celeste’s first book was published, Celestial Psychology: A Workbook for Co-creating Miracles, Luminosity & Conscious Evolution. Karen writes, “It is rare to open a self-improvement book and feel, deep in your core, that you have begun a journey that will lead you to your own spiritual empowerment and to understanding our collective responsibility for the evolution of humanity. Yet that is exactly what visionary psychospiritual teacher and therapist, Celeste Mattingly offers.

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Celeste’s Aura Photos: Computer Generated Sedona, 2011

In November of 2011, Celeste spent 5 days in Sedona, Arizona, working with her current (since 2008) spiritual teacher, Dr. Eugenius (Gene) Ang. There were about 30 members, in this great group of Seekers doing what Celeste likes to call the “Holy Work” of consciousness raising. Dr. Ang facilitated energy transmissions, vortex-energy healings, shamanic journeys and a whole bunch of exciting, powerful, and fun consciousness-raising exercises. After the workshops were finished Celeste stayed a few extra days, did some more “Holy Work” on her own in the beautiful Sedona healing vortexes. She decided to have a computerized aura reading. This computerized photo and reading were so charged that she thought it was a mistake. The woman who took the photo assured her that it wasn’t and that less than 6% of the photos taken over the years in her shop have been white. Celeste she felt great and she knew the ultimate goal of the work they had done would be enlightenment, but she was still doubting that this could be possible. So, she decided to have a different type of reading.

Celeste’s Aura Photos: Kirlian Photo, Sedona, 2011

So she had a Kirlian Poloroid photo taken on November 17th. It was taken by Angel Lightfeather who happened to be in her storefront that afternoon. Angel is a published author and a pillar of the spiritual community in Sedona. She has a world-wide online healing practice and is very seldom at her store front. Angel and Celeste had quite a wonderful talk about synchronicity and all kinds of spiritual practices. Angel herself, was blown away by the photo that she took of Celeste’s aura! She noted that her heart center is wide open and that there is a very powerful being guiding her. Angel also stated that there is a big change coming in Celeste’s life and it looks like even more personal and spiritual growth!

Look closely and you will see Celeste’s face in the center – her eyes are closed. Wow! Sure is testimony to doing the Holy Work of consciousness-raising.

The Kirlian photo below was taken by Linda Wiggins (RIP) in the summer of 2007, at the Unity Church of South Windsor, CT – Holistic Health Fair. Linda, too was blown away by the photo she took of Celeste and remarked that she had never seen anything quite as lovely. This photo was taken at a time when Celeste was exhausted and going through some turmoil, yet Linda remarked that Celeste was still being guided by beings of light and the blue, indigo, white, and violet colors of her aura reflect her true mystical and spiritual nature.

Celeste’s Spiritually-Oriented Curriculum Vitae

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She hopes it will motivate you to look her up and attend her Spiritual Empowerment Classes, workshops, and lectures.

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