Integrative Multidimensional Approach

An Integrative (aka holistic) Multidimensional Approach to therapy is the basis for all of Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW’s work.

This approach combines various techniques from traditional psychotherapeutic theories and state-of-the-art multidimensional energy-medicine and holistic modalities.

Although there are characteristics of mental illness that can be classified as diagnoses for just about every condition- there are many other factors that affect the way our issues play out. Because we are all unique no one theoretical framework or healing modality will work for everyone. A holistic integrative multidimensional approach takes into consideration our entire person. What are our home, work, neighborhood, and community environments like? Are we having physical health issues that might be contributing to our depression or anxiety? Have we had a recent death of a loved one or a breakup? Have we had a religious or spiritual crisis that we may be trying to sweep under the rug? Are we tending to our spiritual health? The holistic integrative multidimensional approach keeps in mind that body, mind, and spirit always work together. Treating the whole person involves taking into account all the factors that are contributing to our lack of well-being.

At the root of this combination is the psychodynamic approach of making conscious what is unconscious. Celeste believes that although traditional psychoanalysis is generally considered outdated, it remains the bedrock for all change. It is the root of all psychology, just as chakra one, Muladhara is the root of the Human Chakra System.

We can not change what we do not see, so consciousness-raising is both, the underlying goal and the end result of all methods.

Celeste combines traditional “talk” therapy with the various therapies discussed throughout this site and in more detail on the Celestial Psychology® page.

Celeste recommends:

  • nutritional changes,
  • meditation and relaxation techniques,
  • physical exercise,
  • and energy-medicine-based Multidimensional Healing Facilitations.

Celeste is committed to offering you the most effective treatment available with holistic integrative techniques to create an individualized treatment plan suited to your individual needs.

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