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Tachyon Field Day

Tachyon Field Days Logo

Tachyon Field Days Logo

Please join us for this exciting Tachyon Field Day- “Bringing Energy into Matter”

Learn basics of Tachyon, Zero Point Energy & Quantum Physics

Tachyonized Products & Healing Tools for purchase

Participate in a Seeing is Believing Demonstration

Discover how to Tachyonize your own products

No Cost to Enter

Refreshments and one Free Raffle Ticket for Door Prize provided.

News Brief

There is no denying; we are being bombarded daily with environmental and spiritual pollutants, as well as, harmful Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from our cell phones, computers, microwaves, TVs, other electronic devices. And very soon we might be contending with the highest and most harmful frequency ever—5G!! Towers may well be on every corner.

Please attend my Tachyon Field Days to discover, not only how to protect yourself and your loved ones—but also, how to reverse the effects of pollutants, entropy/aging, and EMFs with positive Tachyon Energy frequencies. You will learn about the procedure and the immense benefits of the Healing & Anti-Aging Meditation Sessions in the Tachyon Chamber.

I show a power-point presentation titled “Bringing Energy into Matter” for learning some basics of Quantum Physics, Tachyon, and Zero Point Energy. You are invited to handle the products and sit under the powerful Tachyon Generator (installed in May of 2019) to experience its intensity. The most exciting moment for previous participants has been their personal experience of bringing energy into matter by bending a fork—with the Seeing is Believing Demonstration.

We review the exciting testimonies from Tachyon Chamber participants, discover how to Tachyonize our belongings, and where to purchase (distributorships available) official Tachyon-Living products.

Surrounding myself and The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment with Tachyon-Living products since March of 2018 has been the best investment that I have ever made. The installation of New England’s First Tachyon Healing and Anti-Aging Chamber has been an immeasurable blessing for everyone

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