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Spiritual Emergence Group Psychotherapy

September 7, 2017 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Repeat every week on Thursday until December 30, 2017
Phone: 860-586-8700

Are you disillusioned with your spiritual or religious practices? Are you disappointed with your progress on your path? Have you had troubling or frightening anomalous experiences that you would like to discuss with others such as: near-death, out-of-body or dissociative episodes; alien abduction, entity possession, haunting experiences, kundalini awakenings and/or mystical experiences that resemble or have been misdiagnosed as psychotic episodes?

If so, this integrative, multidimensional psychotherapy group is for you. It is a confidential, safe, and supportive environment for spiritual aspirants. Whether you are a beginner or long-time practitioner or teacher you will find answers and support in this group.

It is designed to raise your consciousness and to develop greater awareness of emotional, physical, spiritual, and social matters which are interfering with your quality-of-life (QOL). Consciousness raising will help you:

Gain mastery over negative behaviors and addictions; increase your optimism; increase your feelings of peace and forgiveness; access your body’s own natural healing abilities; discover what makes your heart sing; enhance creativity; develop a new sense of self; experience true joy; and assist you to experience and/or developing your Higher Consciousness (however, you personally define the concept).

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